About Me….

A Girl-next-door who has found herself while Reading and is now expressing herself through her Writing…

I have been reading a lot during the last decade or so. I have always been very fascinated and inclined towards reading our mythological texts/our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata…. stories within stories — linking past births and future births revolving around Karma.

During my marriage, as per our customs, after the pheras when I was asked if I would like to change my name and if yes, what would I want it to be? Vedika came instantly to my mind! Friends and colleagues have always asked me whether I was interested in reading mythology because of my name being Vedika or did I chose this name owing to my interest in mythology. The fact is, even I don’t know for sure… maybe it was meant to be!

My father is a Shiv-Bhakt and I have seen him doing all types of fasts and pujas for Shivji, but personally I am a big devotee of Shri Ram. Like every teenager, I have grown up watching Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata.

Come to think of it, how did I become a Rambhakt? Once during a quarrel with my younger brother, I told him, “Look at Lakshman… how he obeys every word that Shri Ram says… He countered me with, “Are You Ram?” I gave it a thought and started following the character of Shri Ram on the TV series — Ramayana. I was influenced by Him so much that He is now my idol and my Aaraadhya Dev!

Each time I see a TV series on these epics, I have found a different meaning, more clear principles and more balance in my life. I was not fortunate enough to have access to any library in my school or in neighborhood, so the first book ever (spiritual or otherwise) I read was in year 2006 and then it started… the quest to know more about my idol and stories related to Him, to explore about other characters of other epics and so on.

Few years of my life has been as tough as “Shri Krishna convincing Arjuna to fight mighty epic war of Kurukshetra”, my days were strenuous and the only way to live through them was to seek and find peace and balance within Myself. I found my solace in reading. It gave me balance… mental and emotional, hence the name of my blog page is Seeking Balance. As they say –

Grow through… what you Go through!

Here I am today with my expedition to know more and go deeper within not only our Hindu mythology but also about the different mythologies spread around the World.

What do you do when you want to explore, learn and want to have deep knowledge? You persuade yourself… Ask questions… Right? I have always been intrusive; not only about this subject but almost about everything under the sun!

So following my quest and interest, I am going to try and put some questions here by picking up some topics from my favorite subject. I will try to end each of my blogs with a question for the readers to answer to themselves… After all… everyone has a different perspective, point of view towards life, culture and other things.

Hope you find my writing stimulating enough to ask yourself the question. Happy reading!