Inorganic Startup Ideas

Week 11 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

Even though we “finalized” on our idea back in Week 6, there has been significant back and forth about our idea. We didn’t build Quintus to solve a problem any of us had, but rather within the framework of our IEOR class. In fact the sponsors of our section, Cisco, isn’t even our target market.

I think the general lack of confidence our team is feeling stems from:

1.We aren’t direct users for the product we’re building.

2.None of us can actually build the product we’re building.

3.Our target market, startup founders and early employees, are not our best friends

These three points can be summarized into one idea — Quintus is not an organic startup idea. I think my list also overlaps with a list of what great startup ideas have in common.

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