Killer USP

Week 9 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

Competition is destructive, which is why Quintus needs to be unique — we need to have a sustainable competitive advantage. After several meetings with Ken at CET, we’re thinking about a customizable quadrant as our competitive advantage.

At Quintus, we’re moving beyond a list of solutions. We’re taking this personalization a step further to a quadrant that reflects your own business goals, needs and priorities. Quintus is all about your business.

Today we’re introducing the fully customizable…Quintus quadrant. You can create your very own Quintus quadrant by setting the features most important to your business as the axes.

You choose the axes and we plot solution into into one of 4 quadrants: Leaders, contenders and losers. In a few seconds, the interactive quadrant experience gives you a wide-angle view of all your choices.

Kenny, our designer is in the process building the prototype, and it looks beautiful!

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