Week 13 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

I can’t beleive the semester is winding down already. This week we’ve been perfecting our pitch for Quintus. In preparation, I’ve been researching a lot of pitch advice. Our general strategy is to sell Quintus as hard as we can and get what we came for. As Seth Godin says, deep down, we all want to be sold.

This is the best pitch advice I’ve found so far, also from SG:

Is there a problem?

Do I like the solution — is it free, instant and certain, or at least close enough to be interesting?

Are you the one to take this problem on and create this solution?

Is the way you’re doing it the way I would do it?

And, is it urgent, or can I wait?

Note that the order of the questions matters a lot. If you bring me a solution for a problem I haven’t been sold on, you lose. And if your solution is risky and difficult, I’m almost certainly going to work hard to begin diminishing the problem in my mind, because no one finds it easy to walk around with a difficult problem.

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