Week 12 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

I designed the Keynote presentation for our Pitch this week. Somewhere I realized the job was not to make the keynote presentation, it was to communicate our idea…and, communication is a transfer of emotion. I realized that communication is extremely difficult, which is why we make our powerpoint and Keynote presentations boring. That and nobody wants to feel like a door to door salesman.

Yes, you can wreck a communication process with unsupported facts, but you can’t complete it without emotion. Logic is not enough — it never has been.

Here are 3 rules I used from Seth Godin to make our Keynote presentation:

1.No more than six words on a slide. EVER.

2.No cheesy images. Use professional images.

3.No dissolves, spins or other transitions. None.

Overall, I think the presentation is coming along well!

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