Quintus Post Mortem

Week 14 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

Congratulations to Bridge-it for winning the Disrupt Challenge! It’s been a pleasure to work around you guys this semester — I think we’re learned and grown a lot from each other. Right after I found it we didn’t win, I made a list of things I think we should have done different:

1. We should have picked a more literal pain point/problem to solve

2.We should have talked to more customers

3. We tried doing too many things — we should have drawn out a critical path and obsessed over it over the semester

4. We should’ve sold the business opportunity better to the judges

Overall, IEOR 190C has been one of the best classes I’ve taken at Cal so far for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it’s a testament to doing over talking. I want to thank my teammates who inspired me every meeting, Jim, Ken, Renee and all the support staff that made this class a reality this semester!

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