The Quintus Team Is Growing Up

Week 8 Reflection from IEOR 190E, UC Berkeley

Although I love working with my team for several hundred reasons, I’ve chosen to make this blog post about our teams’ problems that have become apparent to me over time. We’re growing up. Why focus on problems? Identifying problems sucks. But I honestly beleive a number of these problems, especially ones about our team dynamics can be improved in the critical weeks to come.

The first set of problems are about the constraints of having an inorganic startup idea and team.

1.We aren’t direct users for the product we’re building.

2.None of us can actually build the product we’re building.

3.Our target market, startup founders and early employees, are not our best friends

The second set of problems are about the team dynamics. I think these problems can be solved before the end of the semester.

1.Difficult questions are shot down

2.There is an overlap of tasks leading to conflict

3.Our biases interfere with each other

These are only 6 problems but I love working with my team for several hundred reasons!

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