Step into the World of One Piece with PlayStation VR

Originally published at on December 3, 2017.

Have you ever dreamed of roaming around the Thousand Sunny? With virtual reality, this dream can become a reality. Bandai Namco Entertainment is releasing a One Piece VR experience exclusively on the PlayStation VR.

A pirate’s life is fun, but dangerous. Go on a journey to the ocean together with the Straw Hat Pirates. The player is an apprentice pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates, and embark on a “one day voyage” on the Thousand Sunny. Adventures and events only unique to virtual reality will unfold, including navy shooting battles and communication events in which you’ll become closer with the Straw Hat Pirates.

This game looks amazing and has so many interactive elements. You can roam around the ship, fight a giant squid or even have conversations with characters. For anyone who has ever wanted to explore the One Piece world, this game is for you.

Above, shows how the players will be configured into the game. You do not play one of the characters from the show. You are your own character which adds to the realism of the game. From here, you can explore the Thousand Sunny as you please.

Player interacting with Sanji

Control your individual character and explore the ship and interact with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Release Date

There has been on exact release date confirmed at the moment. The only thing known about the release date is that it will be some time in 2018. Unfortunately the game has been scheduled to be released only in Japan. We do not know when they will release the game overseas.

Check out their trailer: