The OS X print orientation buttons

Am I alone in finding the OS X print orientation buttons confusing?

Years after I started using a Mac, every time I see the print dialog (above), I can’t help but think that the ‘landscape’ button should be rotated by 90 degrees counter-clockwise. I think the confusion has to do with the fact that I print documents in landscape mode because I intend to consume the content in landscape mode — in other words, I don’t choose to print landscape and then keep holding the paper in portrait orientation – I turn the paper around and hold it in landscape orientation.

That’s why rotating the button by 90 degrees counter-clockwise would make sense for me.

I feel that rotating the button would also allow you to drop the arrows and clean up the design further. This is how I would re-design this button.

And this is how it would look in situ.

Does anyone else find this button a little counter intuitive or confusing or is it just me?

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