Image by V Cariba — Negotiation Preparation

3 Leadership Keys to Negotiation Mastery — Day 13 of 365 Leadership Blogging

Have you ever wondered what makes a great negotiator?

  1. Listening is the key. It’s fundamental for every leader to become a great listener as it becomes the lifeblood of the decisions you make and the direction you move in. During negotiation training, I was taught that ‘he who speaks first comes last’. It didn’t mean we should sit staring at each other to see who will speak first, it meant if you speak without listening then you are already two steps behind who you are negotiating with.
  2. Nothing like preparation. Most negotiations tend to fail due to a lack of preparation by one or both parties. If it’s the latter, then you are in for surprises and a bumpy ride. Prep work should be focused on what is important, what is essential, what you’re prepared to trade or give up and what you must leave the table with. Looking at every negotiation objectively will allow you to focus on true win-win outcomes as opposed to win-lose outcomes.

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