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May 23 · 2 min read

New Job- DIY Resume

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Let’s get you that interview! I want to give back. That simple. I write resumes, and while my fee’s are reasonable, everyone cannot afford them.

Many can format a resume so, the issue(s) become: “What do I want to do?”, “How do I say that?”, “How do I show that I’m qualified?”, “How much information is too much information?”, “How the heck do I get through ATS?”.

The PowerPoint below is a quick “DIY Resume 101" guide. The biggest obstacle in “apply now” is ATS. For those not familiar with ATS, check out the information below via JobScan:

Applicant tracking systems are used by corporations to assist with recruitment and hiring processes. Each system offers a different combination and scope of features, but ATS are primarily used to help hiring companies collect, organize, and filter applicants. Corporate recruiters can have their ATS automatically extract information from an applicant’s resume to build a digital applicant profile that can be searched, filtered, and/or ranked. The goal is to quickly cull out anyone who is under-qualified, make the applicant pool smaller, and quickly identify the top candidates.

This means that the scan is primary and human eyes are secondary. It takes strategy and insight to get your resume in front of human eyes. Lets create an effective resume!

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