All of us at think good news should have the right company, and we can’t think of a better time to share some really big news. We’re excited to announce that has been acquired by Fiverr!

We’ve come a long way in the past 5 years, from our early steps as a landing page for creators looking for video gigs, to building a two-sided marketplace of amazing clients looking to engage videographers from all over the world.

How you can use “side project marketing” + Product Hunt to generate new business for your startup

Three weeks ago we launched our second side project on Product Hunt, an easy-to-use budget estimation tool called “How Much To Make a Video?” that seeks to provide straightforward pricing guidelines for the often mystifying world of video production.

We were lucky enough to receive over 500 upvotes so far, with tons of positive comments from the community, including many from professional videographers who were thrilled that they felt the tool better reflected the true value of their time and work. …

All of us here in the creative community know that nothing tastes as good as a free lunch.

With that in mind, check out the list below of online resources which offer FREE stock video footage. And if you know of any additional ones, please give back and share them in a note.

Dissolve: Offers 3 free high quality clips each month

Mazwai: Aggregator of best free clips, footage and mini-films in the public domain for immediate download. Free monthly video clips along with other creative assets 10 Free HD videos every 10 days

Free Footage: High quality…

In the past 2 years has been heads down focused on connecting anyone in need of a video with a global community of creators around the world.
During this time we’ve managed to satisfy thousands of creators globally with amazing video gigs. As filmmakers at heart - we’re always striving to provide ever more jobs for videographers worldwide.

Recently, we’ve been super busy with looking for online marketing trends in the world of video. It’s no secret: Sex sells! …

In the past few years, April Fools has become a real online marketing fest day. It’s a day in which our feed is full of different videos, false articles, features and announcements about different companies that make us laugh, feel foolish and even fall in love with the companies’ sense of humour.

Most often, people are very impressed and amused by the pranks and they think to themselves “Why haven’t we done it” or “What would we have done as an April Fools prank”

At, we had the privilege to take part in last year’s Waze April Fools video…

VeedMe connects companies who need videos, with a global community of vetted videographers.

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