Why is Engine Oil important in Bikes?

Apr 12, 2018 · 3 min read

The engine is the heart of a motorbike. You can have the latest model from the best manufacturer in town, but if the engine of said bike is not maintained regularly, then it can ruin the whole riding experience.

A bike engine is made of different motor parts that work together to convert the fuel energy into mechanical force. In doing so, the different parts of the engine come in contact and create friction. Routinely regulated engine oil change is required to keep up the smooth running of the bike.

Engine oils for a motorbike can be of three types: synthetic engine oil, semi-synthetic engine oil and mineral engine oil. The three categories differ in price range and their usability. Most of the high-performance bikes use synthetic engine oil for its superb lubrication property and high temperature resistance.

Functions of Engine Oil

Lubrication: The basic purpose of engine oil is to make sure that enough lubrication is provided to all engine parts so that friction and wear is reduced. Engine oil lubricates two moving parts by covering these parts with a slick film. The lubrication system must provide a continuous flow of oil to all the engine parts so that the oil film on each component is maintained to minimize wear. The correct oil viscosity is also essential for reducing friction.

Cooling: Synthetic engine oil carries the heat away from the lubricated parts. Once the engine is switched off, the oil returns to the oil pan. An efficient engine oil helps in cooling of the oil in the oil pan. The oil temperature should never go above the flash point of the oil under any circumstances. An engine oil with high heat resistance is recommended that keeps the carbon formation due to break down to a bare minimum.

Cleaning: All engine oils comprise of two basic ingredients: base oil and additives. While the base oil helps in lubrication, the additives provide additional engine protection by helping in its cleaning process. Engine oil cleans up all the engine components it comes in contact with. The additives present clean the carbon formation collected on the motor parts.

Engine Oil Change

While using synthetic engine oil is necessary to keep your motorbike in a healthy running condition, it is also vital that bike owners must remember to do periodical engine oil change. To adhere with the manufacturer warrantee period, it is advisable to do an engine oil change as suggested by the manufacturer.

Doing an engine oil change is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prolong the life of your motorbike. The oil system in a bike engine is designed to catch as much of the contaminants that build up within the motor, straining out any foreign objects as it passes through the oil filter. Doing an engine oil change refreshes this system, removing any build-up and providing fresh lubrication.

In conclusion, if bike owners want to prolong the life of their rides, it is advisable to use synthetic engine oil for a better and smooth riding experience. Additionally, they should also undergo periodical engine oil changes to maintain a healthy engine.

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