Just a Prank

You recieve a wrong number call from a spy who is trying to defuse a bomb. You believe it to be a prank call and play along.

“A bomb?”

“Yeah, I need you to look up if it was the seventh or eighth wire. Jesus, hurry up.”

Really, me? Sure, I did know more about bombs than the average guy, but you’d think real spies knew how to double check the number they’re phoning.

“Model? Just a sec, I’ll look it up”.

It was the newest model, built for carnage and decidedly outside the law. Civilians weren’t meant to know about it.

“It says here…” I hesitated. Prank or real? Probably prank, the alternative didn’t make much sense. Maybe it doesn’t matter; far worse to be wrong if it’s real than to say too much to a prankster. “It says here eighth. Good luck.”

The phone went loud, and after a fraction of a second fell silent.

Haha, US scum. They seriously called our headquarters to disarm our own bomb? Expecting to get honest advice? This is going to be easier than I thought.

I walked back into the lobby we were congregating in just as one of my colleagues walked out.

“A bomb?” rang his voice in the distance.