Early access to video games and why you should be okay with it.
Bacon Donut

Well said, sir. I’m glad that the industry is making this realization and that Twitch is benefiting from it. Personally, screenshots and teaser trailers have never been all that influential in my game purchase endeavors, and I don’t even read reviews.

These advertising tactics aren’t without their uses, however. Obviously, early stage development limits the ability of companies to provide early access to players, and that’s where advertising plays the part. They tell us “hey, we’re working on something cool. Get ready guys.” Now we know the project exists, and they can get their marketing guys working to hype the public until release gets closer. Early access bridges the gap and provides the final boost in interest by giving potential buyers the opportunity to see a real person they know playing the game and giving an honest opinion of it. That, to me, is a thousand times better than any teaser will ever be.

As for people complaining about who gets it and who doesn’t, you said it best yourself:

It might sound cynical, but for the companies trying to sell games this is about business, not about equality. By nature “fairness” isn’t a factor.

Thanks for a good read. Looking forward to more from you!

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