I’m leaving Adobe to practice design in ways I never quite expected.

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by Om Malik at his Roadmap Conference. We were talking about about design in general and Adobe in particular, and he asked me about the project I had completed earlier in the year, in which we redesigned the entire Adobe.com experience from the ground up. It was an almost absurd undertaking, and Om rightly pointed out what had been at stake. “How do you convince a big company like that to make such a big change? Isn’t design risky?”


An 8-day solo adventure in Scotland through beautiful landscapes, over perfect roads, and around more sheep than I ever thought possible.

“I went whenever I could, and always my eyes lifted to the hills. I was to find a spiritual and physical satisfaction in climbing mountains and a tranquil mind upon reaching their summits, as though I had escaped from the disappointments and unkindness of life and emerged above them into a new world, a better world.”
— Alfred Wainwright, “A Coast to Coast Walk”

Mr. Wainwright’s guides to long distance hikes in the United Kingdom are wonderfully quirky and…

Jeffrey Veen

Design Partner at True Ventures. Advisor to about.me, Medium, WordPress. Formerly, CEO of Typekit, founder of Adaptive Path.

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