Improve the search engine optimisation for your Next.js project

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As a React developer, you have most likely heard of Next.js by now. It is an excellent React-based framework for server-side rendering and generating static websites. It comes with numerous features out of the box. However, it does not provide functionality regarding sitemaps. Luckily with very little code, one can add such functionality to any Next.js project. This article will show how to achieve this.

What Is a Sitemap?

Let’s refresh our memory about what a sitemap is. A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages on a website. …

How one tiny error lead me to learn a great deal about frontend development

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash, portraying a mine. Illustrating the fact that it sometimes better to dig deeper.

While working on custom sitemap functionality for a Next.js project, I encountered the following error:Module not found: Can't resolve 'fs'. While this is a seemingly clear error, the quest for a solution gained me lots of insights.

Next.js is gaining a lot of popularity. For a good reason, it makes developing server-side rendered applications with React a walk in the park. It boasts impressive features, and it works pretty much out of the box.

My personal website utilizes Next.js. One feature that is missing from Next.js …

Enhancing search results and user navigation in one go

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A breadcrumb trail on a webpage indicates where the user is currently located in the website hierarchy. It can help a user explore the website more effectively. A breadcrumb allows the user to navigate all the way up in the hierarchy of the website one level at a time. This articles explores how to easily implement a breadcrumb in React and Typescript in less than fifty lines of code.

The goal of creating a breadcrumb is twofold. The breadcrumb provides users with an easy way to navigate the structure of the website. Furthermore, a correct implementation enriches the search results…

Maikel Veen

Backend software engineer at Dept. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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