World’s first Bots on Skype for Business!

With the steady growth of chatbots in the B2C space, platforms like Skype, Facebook, Kik, Line etc. have all started supporting chatbots. The launch of the Microsoft Bot Framework provided a streamlined process for the development of bots on several such platforms.

But when it comes to the B2E and other enterprise scenarios, the story is a bit different…

Skype for Business is the chosen enterprise Instant Messaging (IM) and Unified Communications (UC) platform for thousands of businesses worldwide. It in fact, enjoys the largest market share in this space. However, as a messaging platform, Skype for Business does not support bots out of the box.

After our recent and incredibly successful launch of MeshBOT which is an Enterprise Intranet Bot for SharePoint, and is available as an embedded experience within a corporate intranet we decided to upgrade the scene for Skype for Business as well. read more on