Unable to add money to wallet with your Credit Card? Know why
Paytm Blog

There are far better sites for recharge purpose such as freecharge, airtel money etc., For shopping Amazon and Flipkart are far far better than paytm… Paytm just got such huge user base for this purpose of transacting from credit cards to banks… People use what is useful to them.. and if you are going to stop them doing that…. eventually you will be the one who loses in your respective business industry…. Congratulations in advance… and never call a customer fraud… it’s you who looted your customers in the beginning… you have charged 4% transaction charges for every banking transaction for all customers who had not updated their KYC documents… and 1% transaction charges for every transaction for customers who updated their KYC Documents… you guys can’t simply play fool around… Paytm cancelled all the transaction charges from the last 4 months because there are other websites offering transactions to banks such as freecharge, payumoney without transaction fee., you just can’t stay in the competition with this approach…That’s 100% true… Anyway im very glad for your approach and waiting to see a day paytm name faded away…

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