Our first investment in tokens is..
Jamie Burke

Did anyone review their math? They assure that double spend cannot happen based on some probability calculations — but is the math correct? Do they take in account all possible scenarios? They mention the need to supervise until the networks becomes big enough — but what is big enough?

They surely don’t get rid of fees, as people will not install their software and maintain it to just make one transaction — they will need to pay a fee to someone that does. The whole supply of coins was created at genesis — means the coins distribution is flawed.

Market capitalization of 1 billion $ is insane for something that has no users and no plans to make profit. The Lighting Network is already activated on Litecoin and will be activated on Bitcoin soon — this will bring the transaction fees down drastically. So, what you get from Iota? What can it do levels of magnitude better than Bitcoin? Nothing. Does it have a team/community behind it with proven record to producing high quality code? No.

This is another .com bubble. I ll buy some Iota when there will be real people using it every day for real stuff — like they do with Bitcoin.

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