Why Trump Ran For President

A new perspective— Short story

Trump Tower, New York, April 25, 2017

Fanny Mirror, along with 567 other international journalists, anxiously awaits the public press conference that President Donald Trump is about to hold outside of his Trump Tower at 12 o’clock. It’s 11:57 a.m. and there’s a murmur passing through the crowd as the participants speculate about what’s to come. Today marks the 100th day of his presidency, and the audience is vigilantly awaiting his announcement. Traffic on Fifth Avenue has been shut down for the day, as it’s crowded with spectators eager to hear what the President will tell them.

In his 99 days of presidency nothing has happened so far other than hate crimes going up and the level of frustration rising throughout the nation. Politically none of the changes that he had promised to make in his campaign speeches have been tackled. There will be no new wall separating the United States from Mexico, as Mexico isn’t willing to pay for it, freeing President Trump from the obligation of actually making it. Obamacare has been pronounced a “good thing” and the nation has been urged to sign up for it. Upon discovering that his favorite boxer, Muhammad Ali, was a Muslim, he has decided that nothing should change for Muslims in the United States. The only thing that has become very vivid is that this is a man that has voted for the Democratic Party for most of his life prior to becoming a Republican and running for office. None of what he’s done has fallen in line with the usual tendencies of the Republican Party. Given the lack of transparency that has turned people against each other in their fear of what’s to come, the star-high level of anxiety is one that’s clearly felt on the street today.

Coming out of the tower in a dark violet velvet suit, his hair blowing in the wind, President Trump steps onto the podium in front of him to address the nation. As he opens his mouth to speak everybody falls silent and listens.

“Dear fellow Americans, America is a great country and this we can be proud of. We are the greatest nation on Earth and capable of doing whatever we want to do. The American Dream is not a fantasy my friends, it is our reality and I am the living proof of it. I thank you for believing in me and electing me into this great office. Being your president has been a tremendous thing so far and this I’m very grateful for. Nevertheless I would like to say to you today that I am resigning from office effective immediately, allowing Vice President Mike Pence to take over. He is a good man, I have made America great again, and he will keep it that way. Please love him the same way that you love me. Thank you for your trust, America. It’s been a pleasure serving you, but my job is done and the time has come for me to return to my tower.”

The crowd is stunned and remains silent for a moment. All of a sudden people start to cheer. Fanny Mirror wonders if they’re cheering for him or cheering because he’s not their president anymore. Seeing him standing on his podium and grinning at the audience she wonders about what in the world just happened. Is she dreaming?

Trump Tower, New York, April 25, 2027

Sitting at a window table at Trump Grill, Fanny Mirror waits for Donald Trump to join her. Ever since she’d witnessed him resign from presidency ten years ago she’s been dying to know what had motivated him to act that way, as he’d been so passionate about being elected into office during the campaign period. It wasn’t easy to score an interview with him on this topic; she had been trying ever since, and has now finally been successful, rewarded with an appointment with him on the ten-year anniversary of this historic happening. She turns to see Donald Trump walking towards her, trying to smile, his face too frozen by Botox for the smile to work. By now he’s lost a large fraction of his hair and has started wearing a wig, which slightly leans to the left today.

Donald Trump approaches Fanny’s table, holds out his hand to shake hers, and takes a seat across from her.

“Mr. Trump, thank you for your time, it’s an honor to finally have you agree to talk about this historic day in the life of our nation, especially as today marks the ten year anniversary of it. As frustrated as I was about not getting an interview, today’s date makes me glad that all of my prior interview requests had been rejected.”

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Mirror, I’m happy to have you here in my restaurant.”

“I’m looking forward to tasting your cuisine. Would you mind us getting right to the point while we wait for the menus to arrive?”

“Not at all, time is money, so the quicker the better.”

“Thank you. Please do tell me, what was it that made you resign so unexpectedly?”

“It all started in November of 2013.”


“Yes, 2013. I was in Japan closing a deal with one of my partners and we had gone to a brothel to celebrate our accomplishment, something standard in Japanese business culture. My partner, who I won’t be naming, had been joking around about the current state of politics in America. As we had both had a few drinks before this the conversation quickly turned into a friendly rivalry about which one of us could make history in what way in the future. One of the things that I said that I could do was single handedly elect the president of the United States of America. My partner of course thought that this was ludicrous, as did I, so I took the joke further and bet him one million dollars on it. You know how it is, one million dollars is nothing, so it didn’t really matter. He turned serious and said that he would pay me one billion if I succeeded, whereas I would owe him one million if I didn’t. The only criterion was that I would have to accomplish this in the next election period. Naturally I shook his hand on it, ran for office, appointed my VP, and stepped down after having fun with playing president for a few days — and there you go, I had single handedly elected our president, surpassing all of the common criteria.”

“Did you get your money?”

“Of course I did! I’m Donald Trump!”