Earthquakes make the world shake!

An Earthquake hits Mexico killing hundreds and leaving many in panic, this Earthquake was the second quake to hit in two weeks. Till this day the people from Mexico are recovering mentally trying to bring back what they once had joy.

As Azam Ahmed And Paulina Villegas explain how the earthquake left reminders everywhere buildings buckling, floes of concrete and brick spilling across the sidewalk strands of yellow and read emergency tape everywhere. The people from mexico right now must be in a very bad state of mind waking up daily just to be reminded of the disaster they’ve gone through not only are they slowly recovering but also many were left without homes. Thousands of building were damaged.

Many Mexicans are helping out day and night trying to see in what ways they are most helpful, there is nothing better than the help of other people when you mostly need it An endless supply of men and women, cloaked in orange vests and white helmets, march across the city in search of ways to contribute in the article it also tells us how parque espana have placed down paper where people can write down their emotions testimonies are crawled on its surface. “We are still in a post-traumatic state where emotions run high, and there is a lot of contained energy, and we don’t really realize we are in this state of crisis,” psychologist claudia expresses her thoughts. Putting a place where people can express themselves is a really good idea it can help them recover faster and also it can give other people hope.

Even though the earthquake left everyone in a state of panic, they came together helping each other picking up all the bricks from the ground. Even after all the things they might be going through they came together and helped clean up what they could Civilians again sprung into action as soon as the ground stopped shaking, picking up concrete in buckets and many pedestrians took the job of directing traffic in less than 24 hours Mexicans had created an expansive recovery operation many people came to help it also says that engineers and architects are coming up with battered buildings for safety also veterans are volunteering to help the wounded animals. It’s really incredible how they come together helping in any way they can.

California may be expecting an earthquake after the ones that hit mexico city and they are wondering if they are prepared for it as Jean paul tells us earthquakes in California differ from the ones in mexico it first tells us how California sits in the boundary of two plates that rub each other horizontally and it also tells us the plates of the shore of mexico and the pacific “ring of fire” rub against each other vertically. This means that the amount of time that California has to prepare for it is much shorter than mexico’s, Also the way that the houses are made in California are way different it made of wood so it won’t collapse but it is dangerous as there is many things flying around due to the shaking. Jean also talks about how the aftermath of an earthquake would be dangerous in many ways California's problem would be the gas systems that can start a fire and he also says that it’s a good idea to understand the different weakness of the environment you travel too because being aware is the best way to insure safety. I think knowing the place and how it is to avoid any disaster is a really good idea people should really start paying attention to where they travel just in case something were to happen they have a little bit of knowledge on what to do, jean says that “We can be prepared for earthquakes as individuals, and as families, but if we’re not prepared as a community, we all sink together. And if California falls, the whole of the US can fall.” i like how he explains his thoughts and says what he thinks is the thing to do.

Many schools and buildings collapse and Mexican officials have been investigating the buildings to see if they violated construction codes, the city officials are trying to pinpoint the problems in the buildings, Elisabeth tells us how in many of those cases, city officials will try to pinpoint what could have gone wrong also saying the city’s buildings codes are already among the tightest in the world and even though they may face criminal penalties if they skirt the rules and an accident takes place then the outside inspectors are the weakest link in ensuring safety. If the outside inspectors where to do something like this then they should be facing criminal penalties as they have put many people in danger.