Bagel Brunch, to scale

Bagel brunch is something my people (Long Island Jews) take very seriously. My family has been getting bagels from the same bagel place since forever and whenever we have company on a weekend, my mom makes an epic bagel brunch.

My mom is #bagelbrunchgoals

I don’t eat bagels that often but I decided I wanted to have a bagel brunch for two after my half-marathon today (my fifth!). Because I knew I’d be tired and maybe hangry, I did the prep yesterday: I bought smoked salmon, tofutti cream cheese (I don’t do dairy), and regular cream cheese (my partner does), and I thinly sliced up some scallions and minced some carrots (because you know I am here for veggie tofu cream cheese).

On the way back from the race, we picked up bagels at Bergen Bagels in Brooklyn (pro tip: get extras sliced do you can put them in the freezer. They toast perfectly well in a pan if you, like me, don’t have a toaster), and voila: Bagel brunch for two.

Japanese cat dishes are key for a good bagel brunch
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