Why Am I Gaining Weight?!

I received a message from my Instagram Direct Messaging that I thought many would appreciate hearing the answer to.

The message went to the tune of…

This individual spent a lot of time dieting, lost a lot of weight, and then after the weight loss…

Are you ready to learn more about the 5 Phases of FAT LOSS as I see them?

So far we have talked about the first 2 Phases of FAT LOSS…

Transition & Execution

(If you missed those posts go back and read them so you know what I’m talking about.)

Today we are…

Execution Time!

Today I want to talk to you more about what we were talking about in my previous post.

Ready to get into Phase 2 of FAT LOSS?

Yesterday I told you about the First Phase of Fat Loss, Transition.

How To Lose Fat

Today I want to talk about the idea of getting into a “Fat Loss Phase”.

I think sometimes the idea of Fat Loss can get a little overwhelming or daunting. To go from having less structure to having a lot of structure can be scary.

So I want to share…

Cookie Dough Nice Cream

The Sweet Treat That’s Hard To Beat…

I don’t know about you, but the weather is really feeling like summer! If you’re like me, then you probably have a favorite summer sweet treat that you just can’t live without. I REALLY love ice cream, I think I’ve said that before…

Introducing the LIVE 28 Day $1 Weight Loss Challenge.

Right now, for only $1

Yes, you heard that right. ONLY ONE DOLLAR…

The VeganBossLady LIVE 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has been a HUGE success for Women ALL over the WORLD…

If you’re tired of getting overwhelmed every time that you try to start losing weight

Not knowing what…

Let’s chat a bit about spreading joy.

You know, cyber bullying is a very real thing (as I am victim to it quite often and have been down lately due to recent outbursts). I am all about spreading LOVE and lifting others UP. …

Light Up The Grill!

When I think of Father’s Day I always think of grilling up some delicious food and having a wonderful summer barbecue meal outside on the patio!

Here are some DELICIOUS ideas for you to try that will remind you of family BBQs of the past, only healthier because all these…

4 Ways To Make Your Ab Work More Effective!

We all know that planks can be a great way to work your core, right?

So naturally we are ALL doing them! Right? ;)

What happens when we get bored of doing planks and it’s no longer a challenge? Or we…


OMG Ladies! This is the worst day EVER!

I just discovered that my very first recipe book RAW VEGAN SECRETS is almost completely sold out!


I’m LITERALLY down to the last 5 books!

What’s happened?

It’s completely flown off the shelves!

Every woman out there who…

Vegan Boss Lady

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