Eat Drink Vegan (and other LA adventures) 2017

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Eat Drink Vegan

Before Eat Drink Vegan was rebranded, it was called vegan beerfest, and it took place in a parking lot at the Roxy. I went twice when it was there because it always falls on a weekend right around my birthday, so I don’t have to feel bad spending $40–50 to attend (wellllll, it’s still difficult, but slightly easier). Now, it’s at the Rose Bowl, which is a much nicer location with more shade, more space, and wayyyy more vendors. It’s a super fun way to spend a day, and I highly recommend going at least once in your lifetime. Here are some of the highlights.

Jayce Lab

I’ve been following Jayce on instagram for awhile now, and his creations are so inspiring! He was one of the first people to make a vegan deviled egg, and he made cute colored ones on Easter. At the event, he was selling pickled beet flavored deviled eggs and fried raviolis made with Plant Alchemy’s vegan cheese.

Pomodoro e Basilico

I’ve been stalking this chick on instagram for a few years now, and since she’s based in London, I was SO EXCITED to finally meet her! I wanted so badly to get the unicorn burger (for obvious reasons), but because I’m a hater of mixing fruit with starches, I ended up getting the Bad Burger instead (on a charcoal bun). It didn’t disappoint.

Word of Mouth Truck

We were super disappointed after waiting in line for around 45 minutes for a cheesesteak and fried mac n cheese, only to arrive at the front of the line and discover they were out of both, grrrrr. At least they had this heart shaped ice cream sandwich to make up for it.

Berben & Wolff’s

This was another vendor who traveled to come to this event. Berben & Wolff’s are based in NY, so this was my first time trying their food. They were sweet enough to put the buffalo sauce on the side since I’m a spice wuss.

Charlie’s Brownie

I attempted to make these a few weeks ago, and mine did not hold together this well. Now that I know it’s possible, I think I’ll attempt it again. However, I will NOT be calling mine “bronuts” like they did.

Donna Jean

My mouth, lips, and face hurt so bad after only 2 bites of this super-duper spicy fried mushroom that I had to drink like 3 glasses of wine to numb the pain.

Peaceful Provisions

This was another vendor who I have been stalking on ig for over a year now. They’re located in the NY/NJ area, so I was shocked and elated that they came all the way out for this event! Their donuts are sooooo amazing. I ordered the one filled with rice pudding and the chocolate hazelnut one. They’re always filled with something delicious, they have a lot of gluten-free options, and they’re just awesome! If you don’t already follow them on instagram, you should start now!

Plant Alchemy

I had never heard of Plant Alchemy before this weekend. They make vegan cheeses and meats and sell these adorable little kits called “munchables” that are like a vegan version of lunchables. If you don’t know what lunchables are, you’re probably younger than I am and didn’t grow up with them, but you should google them as a fun little history lesson of what kids who’s dads weren’t hippies like mine used to eat for lunch.

Plant Alchemy also made the cheese that Jaycelab used in the fried ravioli.

On my way out, I even found a wall that matched my dress!

Los Angeles in one day

Little Pine

This was my second time having brunch at Little Pine, and I’m never disappointed. First of all, their brunch is less expensive than their supper. Second of all, you can partake in their lattes which have homemade almond milk in them.

Here’s the breakfast sandwich that David and Rosie ordered.

And here are the sausage sliders on everything pretzel buns that I ordered.

Rainbow Stairs & Mooshoes

While waiting for Little Pine brunch to digest, Rosie wanted to go shoe shopping at Mooshoes. Since we got there 10 minutes before they opened, we walked to the rainbow stairs to take pictures first.

Since I’m not really into shopping, I took pictures in front the super cute wallpaper while Rosie tried on sandals.


Once you’re already in Silver Lake, you might as well go to Magpies, and trust me, you won’t be sorry! They have 4 flavors of vegan soft serve every day, and their waffle cones are vegan too. I got chocolate mint and coconut vanilla swirl with rainbow sprinkles (their rainbow sprinkles are vegan too)!


I have been dreaming of going here since even before they opened, and it was everything I dreamed of! From the kawaii wallpaper to the unicorn ice cream to the gluten-free pink waffle cones to the polka dotted dixie cups, I fell in love!


While I mourned the loss of Shane and Marie when they moved from the bay area to LA, I will say that their new restaurant is lovely! It’s in the new LA vegan strip mall, which also houses Doomie’s and Cocobella. I brought my friend Vanessa who is gluten-free and she found a few things on the menu that she could enjoy, however, my favorite dish on the menu was not gluten-free, and it was the general tso’s brussel sprouts. Sadly, you don’t get to see a picture of it because I inhaled it before the camera could say click.

The risotto came out with what looked like baby popcorn, but it was actually popped sorghum!

They have an entire mocktail menu filled with adorable drinks, and David ordered one of them.

Vanessa taught me how to properly say Gnocchi, and I still remember how to say it right!

Wall Crawl

Here are some cute walls I discovered in LA.