I second this response.
Wading in a Sea of Red

Dr. Joe Feagin has written extensively about how racist attitudes manifest themselves in white people here in the U.S. You might enjoy his book “Two-Faced Racism” which deals with white people and their phoniness (that’s my term, not his).

It’s really sort of magical when you consider the history of the racist practices (including human enslavement) of white people in the U.S. for anyone to believe the myth that passing a few laws suddenly made everyone “equal” in thought, feeling and deed and all racist notions evaporated into the ether or something.

What mostly happened is that many white people just became more devious. But then they started complaining about “political correctness”…which meant they were too cowardly to be openly bigoted so they wanted assurance that no one would give them any crap about speaking/acting like jerks.

“Home of the brave”, right?

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