Allies Should Be Seen, Not Just Heard
Clay Rivers

George Lakoff wrote a book titled: “The All New Don’t Think of an Elephant!”. He’s a cognitive scientist and in it he offers updated information about how humans think.

For instance, he notes that unless facts fit the frames someone uses to make meaning out of things…they’ll discard and/or ignore facts (sound familiar?).

Most of us were taught about “reason” and “logic” and “thinking” based on models that were dreamed up in the 1700s…and…most of us have noted that humans don’t seem to operate that way. Time to update the model based on evidence accumulated over the past 30 years or so.

It’s sort of uncanny how the information Lakoff presents melds excellently with knowledge gleaned from the implicit bias hypothesis (it helps make sense out of a a number of other observations about human thinking/behavior too).

Note, Lakoff writes a bunch about politics, don’t let his focus on politics obscure the incredibly profound implications of what his book tells us about human thinking/behaving in general.

No way have I integrated Dr. Lakoff’s information into my efforts at being heard/seen as of yet (it’s fairly simple stuff but the implications are huge). But I will.

I strongly urge anyone/everyone to familiarize themselves with this information about cognitive frames and human thinking. I suspect it offers some paths toward much more useful and effective efforts to be heard/seen.

Your post offers some excellent guidelines for challenging racist thinking and racism, thank you. Dr. Lakoff’s book provides information that can bolster implementation of those guidelines.

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