The Accidental Vegan
Wading in a Sea of Red

I “went vegan” about 10 years ago and want to thank you for your efforts towards living vegan.

Several years ago I started working to gain more awareness/knowledge about my racial illiteracy. As I stumbled along I noticed that some white folks reactions to discussions about the extent of racism in U.S. society elicited reactions bizarrely similar to the reactions I would sometimes get when discussing the harm we humans routinely inflict on our sister/brother Earthlings.

While it’s facile and misleading and error making to “compare” (for instance, racism and sexism) systems of harm and most assuredly it’s erroneous to compare the impact of that harm on its victims…it is instructive to notice that the maneuvers we humans enact in order to hide, justify and persist in maintaining extremely unequal power relations between groups tend to be eerily similar.

Those maneuvers might be customized to fit whatever group is targeted…but even dressed up in different clothing…they’re fairly easily recognized once you start noticing.

Heck, even the negative stereotypes/characteristics assigned to members of targeted groups tend to be (again, with some customizing and tweaking) very much the same ones just recycled again and again (“unintelligent”, “dirty”, “uncivilized”, “emotional”, “ugly”, “insensitive”, “too sensitive”, etc).

I’m well on my way to believing that the presence of those maneuvers and/or the presence of the stereotypes can serve as loud and clear indications that some really crappy behavior is being enacted by some group of humans on another group of humans…or Earthlings.

Actually, all anyone needed to do, ever, was to notice whether beings were harmed…but obliterating and hiding that noticing is one of the things that many of these various maneuvers are designed to obscure or hide.

We’re a strange and scary bunch.

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