Trump Has Smashed Our Country’s Moral Compass
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

If…and that’s a huge if…this debacle plays out without a massive number of vulnerable folks getting harmed…then it just might be that this could turn into an opportunity for the nation (I’m primarily pointing at us white men) to fully grasp the predictable outcome of the path of hypocrisy and denial the U.S. (controlled by white men) has been on from its inception.

It’s quite possible this culmination of awful could have occurred back in the 1960s if JFK hadn’t been murdered because it is questionable whether the civil rights laws would ever have made it through congress otherwise.

There were enough folks who were upset then that some sort of real resolution of the disconnect between the way we were and the way we imagined ourselves to be might have occured. But…it didn’t, the law changes placated some, the Vietnam fiasco ending placated others and…the youngsters aged and the opportunity ended.

It may be that we’re there again, except we don’t have another superpower that scares us right now and that has added greatly to the fuel for this conflagration of elevating lying deplorables to positions of power…but…truthfully…we’ve been playing with this for all our history.

Our nation is two nations…the real one where white men rule and everyone else gets shafted in some measure or another…and the fantasy one where we talk a talk of liberty and justice and equality for all. Every citizen here is socialized from day one to be aware of those two opposing versions of the U.S. To live one way and to talk another is a core value here in the U.S. We learn to lie, deny and not see and to pretend as soon as we start breathing air.

The “new” president is, in many ways, a realization of that which exemplifies “America”. We’ve worked hard at perfecting the bizarre and ugly dance of disconnecting saying from doing.

Well, we’ll see if we decide to change our ways. If we don’t boot white men out of power this time…then probably some other nation or nations will have to do it for/to us.

Lest you think that’s far fetched…remember that we’re the world record holder for a nation that had to kill hundreds of thousands of its own citizens to give up human enslavement. We have a nasty and horrid legacy behind us…and such epic murderousness may be our future too.

I’ve lived a long long time…and I can firmly assure you that we’re into something that’s not happenened in my lifetime…and…I suspect it has never happened in the lifetime of the U.S. Either way it goes…it’s not going to be fun for most.

Clinging to pathology and giving up pathology are both difficult and painful processes. We’ve mostly chosen the former…it would be interesting to see what might happen if we chose the latter.

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