They Thought I Was An Arab
Figs O'Sullivan

I’m fearful that you haven’t really looked closely at the history of this nation.

I agree that our voiced ideals are excellent, however this nation mostly has paid lip service to its self image instead of doing the work necessary to match what we are with what we say we are. Most Native Americans know this as do way too many members of other marginalized groups. We were “built” on land theft and human enslavement while touting “equality for all”. See what I mean about ideals and reality?

One of the reasons the fool in the white house got the rep of “telling it like it is” was because he was a little less secretive about his racist bigotry. We seem to be working toward changing our ideals to match our reality instead of working to make our reality align more closely with our ideals. And if we do the former…it’s going to be nothing but ugly.

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