Being Black Means We Have to be 200% Better
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

Thank you for writing this…I realize it was rather a pain in the posterior to do so.

You wrote: “So when you all come for a Black scientist, remember that you are not just coming for that person. You are coming for the whole community. AND YOU SHOULD FUCKING BE CAREFUL.”

Spot on. I suspicion the world would lose little if all of us white men refrained from griping about anyone belonging to a subordinated group for…oh say the next 500 years or so. We’ve not held back up until now (obviously)…and look at the mess we’re in.

The dog whistle title of Kriss’s piece says it all…it’s the perfect signal that the the work is by someone who’s either oblivious or malicious…either way it epitomizes an example of what Charles Mills excellently termed the epistemology of ignorance.

Again…thank you.

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