Sure. The author describes being put into a remedial class in first grade because of her race.
Jordan Bray

Thank you for your response/elaboration.

I want to do some re-reading and thinking about all of this and that will take some time. I have a slow thinker…and…this all seems pretty involved to me. Plus, I’m white man and I question the heck out of my indoctrinated white man thinker. I’m going to print out the original essay and your comment and struggle with them for a bit.

It appears to me that a number of really slippery and complex phenomena are all squashed together in all of this and I have absolutely no trust in my ability to sort through them in any way, shape or form that does them justice without wrestling with them for a while. (and I’ll probably do a lousy job even after that but what the heck, ya know?)

My initial reaction (and I am suspicious of any initial reaction I have) is that history complexifies this profoundly (and likely other factors too), but, like I said…I have to spend some time with all of it.

When intersections of oppression predicated on socially constructed identities operate (and they do so all the time) I find I get quickly confused and befuddled because like most white guys I’m thoroughly trained to be oblivious and ignorant and the best counter to that crap I’ve found is for me to go real real slow and be real real tentative.

So…if I don’t respond for a time it’s not because I’m ignoring your comment and elaboration or dismissing them or anything…I just gotta wallow with all this for a while to be able to say anything that remotely resembles coherence. Thanks.

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