Selfish People Need Selfish Stories
Kimberly Dark

This writing has many complexities within it so I’m going to print it out and spend some time with it. Thank you for your effort.

I was smacked with the sentence you wrote: “Many things are true at once.”


Life dang sure works that way.

Weirdly enough, our thinking appears to work that way too…but…our consciousness (our awareness) is apparently structured linearly…the simultaneous thinking goes on behind the scenes, so to speak. Something like 98% of all cognitive processing occurs unconsciously (that’s the simultaneous stuff) and we only can be aware of that remaining 2% (which is the linear stuff). (this observation comes from the work of those who study how human cognition seems to operate, including George Lakoff)

I’m in no place to even remotely coherently comprehend all that but it’s dang interesting to think about how squeezing simultaneous thinkings into some kind of linear structure will almost invariably work to create misleading distortions and erroneous comprehensions, ya know? Jeez. (p.s., according to the cognitive folks, the past 30 years or so of cognitive research seems to show that European Enlightenment notions about how human thinking/rationality works is mostly wrong…gasp!…what a shocker)

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