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Very interesting. You seem to be grappling with some important concepts here. I very much like your observation: “…this exact language of delegitimisation is identical to my culture’s response towards marginalisation itself.” Good stuff.

I wonder whether your thinking ties in or is related to Foucault and his concept that “normalization” as one of the main ways modern societies enact power and control?

Locating the “source” of a problem as being in a “flawed” individual rather than seeing it as a legitimate response to harmful social practices would certainly be a terrific way to help keep such harmful social practices from being interrogated. I’ve noticed that societal structures of oppression are very adept at hiding themselves in plain sight in order to escape scrutiny.

R.D. Laing wrote about the politics of the family and Marilyn Frye has written about the politics of reality. I think you’re onto something.

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