How Political Correctness Fucked Us in the Ass
Emma Lindsay

Well, after reading your post I’m elated to know that conservatives don’t do capitalism….just those sleazy liberals. (maybe you oughta consider that capitalism doesn’t give two craps for anything but making a buck and it’ll ride anything that gets it to that goal)

I’ve also thought for sometime that PC was spooking cowardly nasty folks to fake nice…and they were getting more and more angry at being too craven to be openly bigoted. It was an anger borne from their own unwillingness to brave disapproval…but…it was anger nevertheless.

Now that the a**holes feel like they can come out in the open…maybe some work can be done to change their thinking in addition to their speaking.

But…it isn’t going to be fun…I spent several hours talking with a Trumper the other day and whew…confusion, lousy critical thinking skills and rage is a potently toxic mixture.

As for the notion of “liberal” capitalism…I suspect you’re a youngster and haven’t glommed onto the fact that capitalism is the ultimate PC machine…it’ll say anything it needs to say to get your money…and “liberal” has nothing to do with it. Just watch…if “conservative” becomes a money making proposition…capitalism will magically morph into “conservative” capitalism. Capitalism is an economic system based on oppression and it really doesn’t give much of a dang about anything other than profit…any old way it can.

This was a strange post…you touched on a valid point about the PC stuff hacking some folks off…but…what you did with that is…well…peculiar and erroneous with a few valid points.

I did get a hoot out of your line: “And a bunch of America is saying, well, if I have to be a bigot to defend my way of life I guess I’ll be a fucking bigot. I’m not saying it’s right; I’m saying that’s the trade off they made.”

You seem unaware that defending their “way of life” didn’t make them be bigots. That’s a choice they’re making all on their own.

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