Allyship Lie
Erynn Brook

White supremacy has been being refined and honed and evolving for many centuries. It permeates the dominant discourse of U.S. culture and works ceaseless to stay both effective and invisible. It’s highly unlikely that someone with white skin magically becomes an effective resistor of it by just wanting to be such.

One thing that’s relatively easy for white people to do is to become more knowledgeable about how race structures our society. Generally we white folks are woefully ignorant about this while at the same time believing we know all we need to know. That kind of ugly ignorance can be countered with some effort…the rub lies in the fact that part of our cultural conditioning predisposes us to being apathetic and avoidant about those very issues.

Working to escape upholding the ideology of whiteness is no easy task, it likely is work that will take generations. It took generations to build and it isn’t going to go away easily.

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