The Neutralization of the Radical
Emma Lindsay

You appear to be wrestling here with a phenomenon that seems (to me) to be at the heart of how incredibly adept my culture (U.S.) is at applying some sort of judo mind melt thingee to “progress” and pretty much de-fangs it and then keeps right on rolling along with its ability to oppress the piss out of most groups who don’t happen to be dominant.

I just posted a bit on my blog about this same thing and while I’m certain I have very little coherent understanding of it, I’m just as certain that this treadmill of injustice exists and that it befuddles most if not all of us. Your thoughts are helpful and provocative and very welcome.

Thank you for writing this and please please keep grappling with it. I was so very happy to find this writing by you.

My words aren’t nearly as eloquent nor are my thoughts as well developed as yours but…if you have time to read and perhaps respond to them I would be most grateful. (if you have any resources you might point me toward, those would be appreciated too)

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