I Voted for Hillary, But I’m Glad Trump Won
Shannon Falkner

You wrote re Trump winning: “…a President Trump is actually a more productive step toward redressing the problems of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia than a President Clinton.”

You realize that that’s quite similar to saying that Adolph Hitler having power was a good thing because it was a more “productive” step toward redressing the problems of antisemitism than it would have been if someone not so hostile toward Jewish people were elected.

You also seem sort of oblivious to the fact that this nation operated under legal and openly discussed and known human enslavement and then under legalized segregation (also openly discussed) up until about 50 years ago. Are you suggesting the way it was then was a “productive” step toward redressing the problems of racism?

To suggest that the innocents who are targeted by the oppressions you name should suffer more because it is a “productive” step is primarily indicative of your lack of comprehension than it is anything else. I fear you are someone, a “good white liberal” who has serious deficiencies in their understandings…all the while you seem to be completely oblivious to that lack of comprehension.

I can appreciate your notion than more honesty is needed…that’s true…but to believe that marginalized group members suffering more is a “productive” step is a strong indicator that you’re in the grips of an “epistemology of ignorance” and I would urge you to turn you efforts toward struggling against that ignorance rather than suggesting that increased harm to those who possess little or no social power is “productive”.

Shame on you.

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