A lot of people work more than 1 job.. but still don’t get paid enough.. to feed their family or chase their dreams. This is very sad, but it’s very very true…!

The Minimum Disease

The employee & employer relationship

The employers are thinking:
“What’s the minimum I have to pay these people so they
are productive and wont quit?”

The employees are thinking:
“What’s the minimum I have to do to continue to get paid and not get fired?”

What is the example I want to create for my organization?
What is the culture I want to create in my organization?
Is it minimum culture or is it an appropriate culture for the goals and aspirations that I have for my business?

Stop asking “what’s the minimum?” That’s the wrong question..

What’s the minimum I have to do to qualify for my monthly check? What’s the appropriate amount for me based upon my goals for growing my business?

Entrepreneurs aren’t minimum people!

Stop thinking “what’s the minimum to get the job done”,
“what’s the minimum to build my own business”
“what’s the minimum to keep going”..

Start thinking “What’s appropriate to my goals and dreams”

Don’t think:
“What’s the minimum skills I need to get this job?”
“What’s the minimum hours I can work but still get paid enough”
“What’s the minimum I can work to avoid being fired”

Stop it! What’s your dream? “What’s the number I NEED
in order to hit my goals”
Go after that!

Comment below “What’s your passion?”, and make sure you

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