FINN just revamped our plan for how our developers and tech leaders can support the strategic ambitions of Norway’s № 1 and World’s № 20 marketplace company 🔥

Here we’ll share why we did it, how we included 150+ geeks in the process and the final result we shared within our organization.

FINN Technology (size illustrated in blue) uses a tech strategy to paint our vision and define common goals. Friends of tech (FINN colleagues, illustrated in yellow) can read the highlights to quickly gain an understanding of how the tech strategy will help FINN achieve our company vision and objectives. Group image from 2018 Chantilly 🇫🇷 kick-off!

Another strategy, you say? Right, just what the world needs. I’ve worked in businesses that had no strategy and I’ve been to places with too many different strategies pulling in different directions. FINN is not perfect in this matter, but we’re pretty focused on common goals. …

In, developers are used to great freedom and great responsibility. Solution design and technology choices are being made on a continuous basis in our teams, and we strive to have all new employees to submit code in production the first day on the job. FINN fills an important role the in Norwegian society, and our passionate developers are every week devoted to build the best marketplace.

Overall we’re in a pretty good shape, but as a large organization we often see our experts in different domains get dependencies to people, processes or products from different parts of our company…

Vegard Storstad

The answer is probably “yes”. Building strong teams and helping engineers succeed in Norway’s № 1 marketplace company FINN.

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