My weight loss goals have always been dumb

On my birthday, Dec 22, 2017 I got a fit bit as a gift. Since I’ve been monitoring myself, my basic ass goals of "lose weight", "lower body fat %", get to a healthy BMI and be a size 6 just seem so, well, basic lol. And also dumb... my goals just seem dumb.

I learned I didn’t know enough about myself to make any realistic goal for improvement. I work in tech and before you can work to change the status quo, you need to understand where you are now. My whole life been obsessed with being “something else” I have never stopped to understand who I truly am right now. I needed more data. So now I have data.

8 Truths About Myself

1. I am not average so i need to stop striving to reach average ideals. I won the genetic lottery. My genetic composition gives me 128 lbs of lean muscle. That’s a lot of muscle. In the past, after talking to "trainers" I’ve been told "don’t worry we can get you down to 128 to your healthy BMI", but that’s not possible. I remember the first trainer I had 11 years ago took my BMI and was shocked. Her looked at me and said, “You make obesity look good”. If you know me then you know I never went back to that trainer again. Healthy average BMI rating healthy for me. 128 isn’t a viable normal goal for me, unless I am looking to be in competition.

2. My grandma can’t fit a size 4. My grandma is a tiny little old woman. Mostly bones and barely no fat. She can’t even get a Calvin Klein size 4 over her hips. She’s like 118 lbs soaking wet. So yeah, I am not going to be a size 4 probably ever. Size 6 is pushing it. So while I see women who are this size and have always aspired to be there, I won’t be. That’s really ok.

3. I don't drink enough water for my weight. 115 oz is what I should be drinking for optimal performance... Not a liter. That's not even close to being enough for me.

4. I burn over 3k calories a day on average. So conforming to the standard, basic, average woman's caloric intake of 1200 - 1400 calories a day isn't an option. Restricting myself to these limits is insane and actually damaging for me.

5. What I'm eating is damaging me. Content > caloric value. While aiming to get less in than goes out calorie wise, the food I'm eating isn't good for who I am. Eating the way I do is the equivalent of putting basic low grade fuel in a high performance car. I'm a high performance luxury vehicle... I do better on premium top of the line fuel.

6. I don't really sleep. This idea of shoving more productivity in your day through multitasking and waking early and going to bed late isn't working for me. I need 8 hours minimum. That being said, I've never gotten enough rest since high school. I'm walking around sleep deprived for like 16 years. That's pretty insane.

7. I'm a strong person. After years of working against myself, I'm still here. Thank you body, sorry I put you through so much shit. Imagine how much better I'll be when I work with my system.

8. My mindset about this has been all wrong. In the past I wanted to lose weight to achieve some basic cultural ideal of acceptance, or beauty, or to really appease other people. If i lose weight I will be hot enough to date the guy of my dreams. If I lose weight I will be content and perfectly happy. Yeah… those really good reasons. I was looking to lose weight to be accepted by others. I thought that would do it. Seems trite and like a total cliche thing you say, but not about anyone but me. My end goal could, and has, been achieved without losing weight. Even though

The new goal

The only goal worth attaining is to optimize my body's performance. So here's to getting rid of dumb unrealistic goals and focusing on the end result of just being a better and happier person.

Feedback Questions

In your goals, maybe not weight loss, I would love to know:

  • Where are you now?
  • What are some key Truths about you?
  • Are you looking at average external scales or are you focused on yourself?