The U.S. Air Force’s Next Fighter Could Be a Stealthy Drone
War Is Boring

19 billion $ for 75 new Raptors?? I’d take that price any day. Just cut that amount of money from F-35 and reroute it toward Raptors. Of course Raptors with F-35’s sensor suite (DAS, EOTS, helmet, etc…). Then we would have the right amount of great strike platform (F-35) coupled with world beating air superiority platform. Why stop at 75, another 200 would be needed. When I think of how much money was wasted by Pentagon in the last 20 years this is peanuts. We sunk billions in go nowhere systems like Future combat system and dozens of others. This way you would spend money for something that you know is top notch and is needed badly. And what is 19 or 50 billion in a grand scheme of things? If we loose air superiority in Asia it will cost us trillions.

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