From Table To Able

Photo credits Aleksandra Ninkovic

It is time to step back from UI elements and start implementing those best design practices into kitchen bites. Summertime brings inspiration and fresh food, and therefore I’ve decided to spice it up a bit and start a new challenge. Like building bank interfaces wasn’t enough.

One Friday, as I was trying to figure out how Swiss payment system works, my mind drifted to how my life drastically changed since I started working. Not only that time management was necessary at this point of life, but the way I behave, things I buy and food I eat very much influenced my body and my health. From a very skinny, vegetarian girl at the age of 23, struggling to gain weight, I went to a slightly overweight, frequently in pain, 28 year old sluggish, young woman, often nervous and without focus. The only thing in my mind was afterwork hours at home, alone, or with my partner and friends, smoking and eating sweets until I fall asleep. Sedentary lifestyle at it’s finest. Although it was good for a while, I felt I needed change. Change of mindset & change of lifestyle.

A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook about correlation between cultural conditioning and meat eating by Livekindly and the thought struck me — if I was unable to consciously decide what to eat, than how can I rely on myself for the more complex and demanding things in life? The question was — What do you choose and why? Inability to defend my choice without justification of conformity did not convince even myself. As always, I was indecisive and unable to cut that chain of thought fueled by doubt. But the rule was simple Just do action. Bring decision and stick with it. Challenge free will and see how it goes. Collect data. And than try again. Trial and error, that’s all. Repetitiveness. Can you do it or not?
And I said “Yes”. That day Alex & Alex became friends.
Photo credits Aleksandra Ninkovic

Earlier this year I’ve stopped biting my nails. After years, one day I just stopped. I asked myself — can you control an impulse as small as not putting fingers in your mouth? Such a basic question put me on the spotlight, and I had to get in touch with myself, asking: “Are you conscious?”

Not only that we do not live consciously, but we don’t even remember our words and actions. We operate on a daily basis autopilot and rarely stop to think about the time we put behind day after another. Sometimes I wake up on weekends and ask myself — did it happen or was it déjà vu?


On Saturday, July 1st I started my month long plant-based diet. I decided to exclude wheat flour and sugars as well and to be vegan for a month. My approach was to measure, not only subjective sensations but parameters such as weight, blood pressure, blood and urine tests and abdominal ultrasound. These tests and diagnostics were done a week after the diet started and were very good. I was 8 kg overweight, and now I am 4. My body and mind started to change quick & easy, after only a week. I cook daily and along the way I discovered the joys of making and sharing food. Healthy, creative and cruelty free food.

During the following weeks I will give my best to keep writing about pros and cons of a vegan diet, about health, cooking and baking and I will provide you with the recipes I used and modified to suit me better. I would also like to thank the people who wrote back to me so far, giving words of support and asking for tips and tricks. And finally, I want to encourage YOU to reconsider your lifestyle. Let me hear from vegans and vegetarians with their shopping tips and delicious recipes, and let me show with my own example that change is possible, and it can be on a budget. No fancy food exists. We make it. We design it. So let’s design our mindsets and let’s make it special!

Until your next read, my gift to you. Follow me on Instagram for more photos and tips & drop me a line if you find vegan food amazing!