Birth Of The Blog

Photo credits Aleksandra Ninkovic
Morning readers!

Do you really read everything you start? All the way ‘til the end? I don’t. I skip. I assume, and I should not do that. However, here is the point — you are about to start reading just another food blog post. I will write about those small bits of reality that occasionally warm up my heart & soul. Finally, as a human, I will improvise along the way. Trial and error. So let’s try.

I want to write about resources that fuel us up, like knowledge, food, experience, emotion, time, love, sweets & sunshine. But those are not limitless, and therefore we should use them wisely, like any other valuable resource.

I will write about vegan diet, food in general, psychology of eating and social norms. If you like or dislike my writings and you would like to contribute or share, feel free to leave comments, and I will give my best to mess it up.

Wish me luck!