Life Of Style

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
As we were having drinks in a small cafe, he said: “I can imagine you sitting in a bar with your fancy laptop and Jacqueline Keneddy looks, writing about veganism and healthy living, and all that forced happiness of yours…”

Friend of mine had no idea — he thought that I am enforcing this fake image of me on a social networks in order to present new Alex hungry for money and attention. What a bad estimation, I was thinking! Like we never sat in a room altogether discussing education, career struggles and future plans. Whoever knows me — know I am no rich kid, and my happiness was built over time on hard work, self-reflection and a learning curve that always points up.

You could read about why in a first place I started writing about veganism in my previous blog posts, now I want to address how this became sort of a lifestyle for me. And NO, you don’t have to be young, good looking, all fit and highly educated, upper class woman, nor to be non-conformist grind-punk all tattooed & pierced rebel to state the obvious — nobody’s going to die in order to satisfy my daily needs. This is not lifestyle I want to go for. No fur, no meat, no war politics for me! I don’t buy that one!

No god, no country, no master!

Many of you wrote me directly to ask how’s my vegan diet, where do I get fast food, is plant-based diet affordable and so on. But let me tell you few core things in a first place. I like to think of being vegan as a state of mind, balance within myself and some sort of inner peace.

Step 01 — start admiring yourself. Once you start appreciating your own decisions, actions and looks, you start admiring other people’s, too. Take this as a reference point! If you bring decision to be vegan, stick with it and see how it goes over time.

Step 02 — just skip the whole stereotypes kind of thing and forget the possibility to categorise and further more judge people based on those perceptions. Vegans are not hippies, hippies are not junkies, junkies are not poor, poor are not criminals…just move aside these misguiding misperceptions and love people. Yes, love them, accept them and give them a chance to meet them, to understand them no matter how different and let them help you. Don’t be afraid.

Step 03 — do everything you can to create functional habits in order to make your life easier. As a vegan working 9 to 5 I have to plan ahead my meals. Belgrade offers several places that serve vegetarian and vegan food, but if you want to stay healthy and on the budget you will have to go shopping, read labels and cook daily. Some people prefer cooking for several days ahead, I enjoy cooking almost every day. In the following posts I will go into my kitchen routine as some of you have requested.

The following recipes are suitable for rush hours when you don’t have much in your fridge and the time is ticking. I talk about smoothies and nicecreams. You can always get creative with fruits you choose, as well as with sweeteners and add-ons like caramel or choco dips, chocolate chips, coconut, grinded nuts and so on…

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic
2 (frozen) bananas / 1/2 cup non-diary milk (I go with almond milk)/ 1 teaspoon of coconut protein* / 1 teaspoon of flaxseed protein* / 1 teaspoon of sunflower protein* / chia seed* / pinch of shredded coconut or almonds
dve (zaleđene) banane / 1/2 čaše biljnog mleka po izboru (ja koristim bademovo mleko)/ 1 kašičica kokosovog proteina / 1 kašičica lanenog proteina / 1 kašičica suncokretovog proteina / čia semenke / prstohvat kokosa ili mlevenih badema
*po izboru

Start your day with this protein bomb, packed with sugar and fibre, and shake off all the anxiety and laziness. Mix, blend, pour, enjoy!

Započni dan ovom proteinskom bombom, punom šećera i vlakana, i otresi svu anksioznost i lenjost. Pomešaj, izblendaj, sipaj i uživaj!

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic

I was traveling for the past month and therefore I was somewhat busy and a little bit lazy, but I prepared a lot of material to write about in the following month. Stay tuned, follow me on instagram or write me directly if you have questions or requests. Cheers!

Photo by Aleksandra Ninkovic