Adventures with Aude

At the Old School Gallery in Alnmouth, Northumberland.

Brought over from France, Andy has converted a 1970’s Citroën HY van into a food truck. Currently enjoying the summer in the yard of The Old School Gallery in Alnmouth. The van is beautiful and is a lovely shade of sea green, perfect for her summer on the coast.

The idea came to life in a small village in the Aude region of France, 2 chefs with a dream of the good life. 1000 miles later here we are in the North East with Audrey.

We recently visited Andy and Aude, to see what they were cooking up in Alnmouth.

The delicious boxes are packed with crunchy slaws, seasonal veg and tangy grains. The boxes are tasty and filling, if you’re feeling in the need for a bit extra there is a side box with patatas bravas. The veggie frittata is bursting with charred vegetables, nuts and seeds. Veggie toddler loves hummus and veggies and was very happy with his lunch box.

Andy also makes his own charcoal rolls which are filled with bbq chorizo & pickled fennel.

Andy has created a unique menu using his vast experiences ranging from fine dining in London, to inspiration from his time spent travelling the globe. The idea being to create a fun, fresh and unique menu with smokey, zesty flavours. All this is underpinned with Andy’s enthusiasm for fresh seasonal produce combined to make healthy and wholesome food. Talking to Andy you can really see his passion for cooking and wanting to be free to create his ideas into fabulous tasting meal boxes.

The food was great, we will be going back before the summer is over.

Please contact The Old School Gallery for specific days and times, as these can vary on the weather and stock levels.

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