Discovering Vegan Cooking with Lee Watson.

Lee Watson and partner Jane, show us how to cook delicious vegan food.

While I doing research on My Dairy Free Day, I found a cooking event being held in Newcastle, by Lee Watson. Lee is the author of the best selling book Peace and Parsnips. He and his partner Jane, spend their time travelling and developing new vegan recipes. Take a look at their website Beach House Kitchen for information about the retreats and cooking events, they organise.

The BHK is about food that makes us shine, inside and out. We know food can bring is together; families, communities, work colleagues and friends. Food matters, the way we eat can change our life and the world around us. Every meal is a celebration! This is what we want to bring to you :)

I was really looking forward to learning about vegan cooking. It was nice to see that there wasn’t just vegans in the group, but people wanted to cut out dairy from their diet and were after recipe inspiration and ideas. We were fortunate to be joined by Neil who runs the NE Veggie Socials pages and his knowledge of where to buy the ingredients locally.

It was nice to be able to chat and see the food being cooked. Compare notes on vegan cooking and shopping.

We were given a recipe booklet, with all the items being cooked. The sauces were prepared in advance, so we were able to see the recipes in more detail. Lee is a fascinating guy, he has some great stories from his travels around the world. His passion for food is apparent from the start. His style of cooking is easy to understand. The relaxed atmosphere was ideal, as we were asking questions through out the session and were able to take a closer look at the ingredients used, as Lee was happy to explain to us what each one was used for and why.

The demonstration area was set up using an electric stove, so we could see the food being prepared. It was then taken into the main kitchen to cook in the oven or on the stove.

I am new to being dairy free, it was great to see how oat milk is made, but in real time too. Jane explained the process and we were able to taste it on it’s own and mixed into a delicious smoothie. I will be trying it out soon, as it looked really easy.

We were shown the recipes for the Decadent Chocolate Cake and and a raw Banoffe Pie.

The next recipes was BBQ Jackfruit made into sliders, served with cosmic slaw. A turkish soup called Corba and a whole roast cauliflower with Za’atar. Also demonstrated was a Goan Squash curry and a Mediterranean tart.

The amount of food being prepared was impressive and the aromas from the kitchen was mouthwatering! We were shown to our table and we were about to sample everything that was cooked in front of us!

Jackfruit Sliders, Corba Soup and the Decadent Chocolate Cake
My plate full of delicious vegan food. I did go back for a second plateful!!

The buffet table was full and there were a few extra treats like Kimchi that Lee had prepared just for us. I love kimchi. We all commented on how it was great to be able to eat all the food on offer, and that at usual party buffets the veggie or vegan option is chips and a few dried up crudités.

The food was so good, you could taste everything. Each mouthful was an explosion of flavours. Amazing! I left feeling very happy and full!

Thank you Lee, Jane and a special mention to Lee’s Dad, who was in the kitchen doing all the behind the scenes work. It was lovely to be part of your first cooking demonstration.


Keep looking at my twitter page for details on how to win a signed copy of Peace & Parsnips.