Just V Show

Kensington Olympia 7–9 July 17

This years Just V Show 2017 sees a new focus. A collaboration with 3 other show’s makes it a great resource to eating. They have FOUR events in one hall. Each one separated by a differently coloured carpet:

The Allergy & Free Form Show : Green Carpet

Just V Show : Pink Carpet

Love Natural Love You : Blue Carpet

The Eat Smart Show : Black Carpet

I’ve been to a few of these shows before and it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed with the choices. I was on a veggie mission, so following the pink carpet was easy. You have food samples, free gifts and special show prices of featured products. I wanted to taste the new veggie products now available on the market.

The Vegetarian Society had a busy stand and the free gift bag queue was the longest. They were out of the bags in record time! They also had information leaflets and staff to help with any questions you might have.

The first stand that stood out was a soya protein called OUMPH! They had he biggest crowd around their stand.

Soya protein concentrate is extracted from soya beans
The soya protein concentrate is mixed with water into a dough. The dough goes through a machine that creates its structure through pressure and heat. It’s the same kind of technique that is used in the making of products like Cheese Doodles.
In our factory in the Swedish town of Stora Levene, Västra Götaland, we refine the texture and the taste by adding broths, marinades and sauces. We’re going to keep on creating new Oumph! products forever and ever.
Oumph, busy making tasting samples

The samples were on tortillas with a picked onion garnish. I was told that it will be available in Whole Foods by the end of the September, hopefully there will be an online shop and North East outlets in the future. This is something I will be on the lookout for. The portion just wasn’t enough. I wanted to try more!


I also spotted the Sacla stand who had tasty sample of their new free from pesto. My toddler loves pesto and being able buy the leading brand is great news. I don’t always have the time on a supermarket trip to read all the labels and this will make a difference when shopping.

No added: MSG,GMO, Preservatives ,Egg , Garlic and Onion

Free from: Wheat, Gluten and Dairy

Suitable for: Vegetarians, Vegans and Coeliacs

On my way out I spotter the Sheese Stand and decided to stock up. They had a great offer and I walked away with quite a decent stash. I bought the Red Leicester, Blue and Mature Cheddar style packs. The Red Leicester style one has paprika in it and I really liked the taste. My dad tried some and even he was impressed.

I really useful show for anyone interested in veggie and vegan products. I have lots of information on vegan products and don’t feel so overwhelmed with the idea of being a vegan.

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