My Dairy Free Day

I’m going dairy free a few days a week, to see how I get on.

I am a vegetarian, who doesn’t like the idea of eating meat. Obviously animal welfare is at the front of my mind, but I also try to not read too much about it and don’t try to persuade others to become veggie. It has to be something you want to do for the right reasons.

Recently I have been researching, what it is to be a vegetarian? Through this is have learnt about Veganism, being a Flexitarian and a Reducetarian. All three, have become more mainstream recently. The BBC’s Saturday Kitchen recently mentioned being a Flexitarian. Restaurants are now becoming better at catering for various diets. It’s all been a slow process and most restaurants no long sigh when you ask about the vegetarian options. London has been the place to eat vegan food in restaurants. This is changing and the North East has recently had an eruption of vegan only place to eat.

People are more aware of where their food is coming from and what they want to eat. It’s about making the choices that right for you. I have found all the schools of thought really interesting and wanted to find out more about being vegan as I wasn’t about to start eating meat.

I wanted to see how easy it would be for me to switch over to being dairy free. I’m not a big fan of drinking milk, I did drink quite a lot of it pregnant. Mainly because it helped with the heartburn. I’m a builders brew tea drinker and really only have a splash of milk. Recently I have been feeling a bit odd about the thought of eating eggs, and I’ve not eaten them for over a week. I’m talking about straight up eggs, not the ones in cakes. That I haven’t struggled with! I do however love eating cheese. (Think Wallace and Gromit) A cheeseboard would be my dessert of choice. Our wedding cake was made of cheese!

Shopping for the basics to start being dairy free

After doing some research I found that a local retailer called Alternative Stores was based in Newcastle and had all the products I need to set me up on my vegan journey. I’ve bought 3 different types of milk alternatives, the idea being to to have different ones for tea, drinking and cereal. I want to find a cheese alternative I like. And I know there are great vegan bakers and cookie mixes. Ben and Jerry’s are shortly releasing a dairy free ice cream in the UK. A lot is happening in the vegan world.

My main concern will be to to check baked goods for eggs and milk. Remembering to ask, when eating out will be the main challenge. As I’m only doing it for a few days during the week, it’ll be remembering if it’s a a dairy free day or not. I going to keep it flexible for now and see if I want to carry it on for longer.

There is a great support network on social media if I need to ask anything, so I’m ready to go. Follow me and see how I get on. All advice is welcome. I am after all, learning about the dairy free world.

Veggie Mum Up North

My little project on sharing restaurants with veggie options in Newcastle. With a few kid friendly and general veggie related extras.

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