Why Am I A Veggie?

Simply because my family is.

Firstly, I’m a Hindu Gujarati from Leicester. Gujarati people originate from the state of Gujarat in Western India. The area is known for it’s vegetarian cuisine. It’s the same state Mahatma Gandhi was from.

I was brought up as a vegetarian. My family are still vegetarian. As a Hindu the only dietary rule is not to eat beef. Most Hindu families now choose to eat meat and their diets are now adapted to being in the UK. Some families don’t eat eggs, and the term Pure Vegetarian is used to describe them.

I decided to eat meat for a few years during my teens, not as a rebellion, but to learn about, what I liked and wanted to eat. I wasn’t too bothered either way. In my final year of University I was challenged by a housemate to go back to being a vegetarian, this was something I had been thinking about for a while and thought it would be a useful way to work out if I preferred being a veggie. Almost 20 years later and I’m still a vegetarian. As it was so easy to stop eating meat, I didn’t even consider eating it again. My husband is also a vegetarian, he was before I met him. It just worked for us and we are now bringing up our children up as vegetarians too. I had a moment, where I thought I would introduce it to them, but decided that it wouldn’t work as I can’t try what they’re eating.

Curry and Chapati. A Gujarati meal

As it has now become almost fashionable to be a vegetarian and it’s great to see the way restaurants are now catering for vegetarians. For ages my husband thought I hated risotto, I just didn’t cook it at home because it used to be, with pasta the only choice a vegetarian had when eating out. Where I grew up eating out was easy as the restaurants were all vegetarian Indian restaurants, but when you grow up eating Indian you food, you almost rebel against it and want variety. I have yet to find a Gujarati vegetarian restaurant in Newcastle, and would love to find one.

I have no intention of making anyone stop eating meat. I will happily cook a meat eater something they want rather than force them to be a veggie. I don’t like the idea of eating meat and so it’s been easy to stick to vegetarian diet. I do however love eating cheese and eggs, so would struggle to stick to a vegan diet. As part of my blogging journey I will go dairy free for a week and share what I think.

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